What is your return policy?

All of our DVDs are guaranteed against authoring defects or damage from shipping for 30 days upon shipping to you.

What if I have a problem with my DVD or it arrives damaged?

If you have a problem playing your DVD, or our DVD arrives damaged, we will replace your DVD. We ask that you return the DVD in question to us by either dropping it off to our lobby or mailing it to us. If you chose to mail your DVD, please note that you incur the cost of shipping the DVD back to us. We will return your DVD within a week at no other charge to.

Please email us: dvd@myactv.net before returning your DVD for instructions.

Can I play my DVD in my computer?

Unlike commercially mass-produced DVDs that will play in both computers and set-top DVD players, our DVDs are produced a little differently. On occasion  we find that some customers have problems playing our DVDs in their computers but are fine playing in regular set-top DVD players. This is caused by many different variables with your computer ranging from video RAM problems, DVD drive problems, OS resources running in the background and many others. If you DO have problems playing the DVD in your computer, try it in a regular DVD player. Make sure first that your DVD player will play both DVD-R and DVD+R DVDs by checking in your User's Manual. If you still have problems with the DVD playing, then contact us and we'll replace the DVD.

Do you have other years of the Alsatia Mummers' Parade, Showcase of Marching Bands, etc.?

The DVDs listed are the programs that we currently have available. We are in the process of going through our program library and assessing which programs can be placed onto a DVD. Due to the age of some of our original storage materials, we may not be able to create a DVD of a particular program from a particular year. When we do have a new program available, you will see it listed in the"Featured" section of our website.